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Augustus The Mac on FaceBook
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

What We've Come 4...!

In the pursuit of one's happiness you go through trials and tribulations. I have been on a road to redemption for quite sometime now, and I have realized that without believe there is no pursuit. What others view as small things are really meaningful to me, I have been at the bottom for so long that any recognition is a win win. Some require Money to feel like a Winner, However just making it this far is a reward in itself.... I am in process of showing the World what I have, all I ask you to do is listen....! Mics & Blaccholes is now available for download World Wide!!!! I would like to acknowledge Fambound we built a single Collab into a nice project please support us. Mac Music The Mixtape is available for FREE download. Check it out if you haven't already....! Now I am going to bring you Mac Music, A Killer's Point of View is still coming I just can't say when. Thanks for any & every time you have took time out to check me out or to Listen, Watch, Follow, Download, or Purchase anything from me you have been a major Blessing in my Life...! God Bless you all. Augustus The Mac

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